Summer is here! Everything is green and lush. We have cleaned up the flood debris along the river and our guests are enjoying walking along the river trail and sitting in the picnic area watching the river flow by.

Here is a picture of our “big buddy” who is an unofficial member of the landscape crew. He trims the shrubs, whether we want him to or not. His antlers are covered with the summer velvet which he will lose as fall approaches. His scraggly winter coat is gone and the shiny summer coat never looked better. He is truly a magnificent elk. The animals are one of the special viewing opportunities we have at the lodge and all around the Town and Rocky. Do come and share this experience with us. We still have some openings for the Summer and Fall and we hope you can join us.

Cross over Fall River on our Covered Bridge to the peaceful mountain vacation that awaits you. First, nestle into your cozy cabin, suite or room. Then take a walk or fish along the river, hike up our mountainside that leads into Rocky Mountain National Park, sit out on the deck or patio to spot the Elk, Deer, Wild Turkeys, chipmunks, Red Fox or feathered friends who visit us regularly. Lastly, relax in a hot tub, read by a crackling fire and then retire to the rippling waters of Fall River. Your magical experience begins now with a warm “Castle” welcome!


Did you ever wonder how a lodge like Castle Mountain Lodge came into being? You may be surprised to learn not only the original owners and developers, Igor and Irene Polevitzky, but subsequent owners Jim and Gerry Wenger, and current owner Warren (and his late wife Ruth) all started out by vacationing in Estes Park. Sound familiar? In 1947 Igor and Irene Polevitzky came to Estes Park for a vacation. They stayed at Voelkel’s Glacier Lodge, now known as Glacier Lodge. They fell in love with the Estes Park area, begin looking for land to buy, and the rest, as they say, is history